Dessert Hummus Is A Thing, And It’s Basically Guilt-Free Brownie Batter In A Tub

Dessert Hummus

Hummus and desserts.

These are basically the two things in life that everyone (or at least mostly everyone) loves.

If you ask me, hummus is life. It is a fantastic dip, as well as a topping or filler for pita, sandwiches, salads, and veggies dishes.

And desserts… don’t get me started on brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. You know you love them too.

Did you know that you can combine your favorites into one delicious creamy magic? Oh, yes, you can!

Let me present you with: dessert hummus!

Dessert Hummus: It Is A Creamy Dessert Yet A Healthy Hummus All In One

Delighted By Hummus was founded by Makenzie Marzluff. She created something tasty that millennials around the country love (and non-millennials too!). (1)

It is hummus, but not just a hummus, but a sweet delicious dessert too.

Yes, just like any other hummus, it is made from chickpeas, which is a great source of protein and fiber. That means it is good for your health and your taste buds.

The company has thought about everything. This dessert hummus is vegan, gluten free, soy free and kosher, so it is literally for everyone regardless of dietary restriction, food sensitivities, ethical choices, and religious requirements.

Flavored hummus has been popular for a while. Spicy hummus, vegetable hummus, and other savory flavors have been available along with traditional varieties. I love them all.

However, this is something new: it is sweet! It’s dessert. It is perfect for dipping apples, cinnamon pita chips, and sweet crackers, placing on top of cake, or eating out of the tub. It’s dessert without guilt.

If you look at the flavors, it’s too good to be true. Yet, you know it has to be good.

Dessert Hummus Flavors:

  • Brownie Batter: do I need to say more? It tastes just like brownie batter in a tub made with only natural ingredients, such as garbanzo beans (chickpeas), coconut oil, water, coconut milk, organic turbinado sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract, cultured dextrose (dairy-free, all natural digestive enzyme), and sea salt.
  • Snickerdoodle: get out of here! It is just like a real snickerdoodle cookie as a dip. All the cinnamon and spices make it delicious. It is perfect for cinnamon pita chips and apple slices.
  • Vanilla Bean: it’s a classic love. It’s creamy, sweet, yet savory and is great as frosting on cakes and with chocolate chips as a cup of dessert.
  • Choc-O-Mint: if you love mint chocolate, this is your friend. It has the right amount of chocolate, mint, flavor, and creaminess to make it a refreshing, delicious dessert hummus.


The company has some wonderful ideas for hummus. Making chocolate, cookie, and other dessert flavor hummus is creative and takes hummus to the next step. I know I will stock up my fridge and perhaps even make my own dessert hummus.

Have you ever tried dessert hummus? Have you made your own? Do you prefer chocolate brownie or vanilla bean? How about both? Share your thoughts and experiences with us, we would love to hear from you.Cover Photo: Instagram @delightedbydesserthummus


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