Why Should You Drink Wheatgrass Juice?


Wheatgrass comes from wheat seeds. Although this is still not a part of the superfood category, it is considered one of the most nutritious plants around even though not many people know about it.

While wheatgrass is known for being a dietary supplement in capsule and tablet forms, it is used for juicing as well. Some people choose it as one of the main ingredients in teas and smoothies.

Drinking wheatgrass juice has been a part of many holistic therapies around the world. This is because just one glass of this green can give you a ton of benefits. Wheatgrass itself has the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Amino acids
  • Calcium
Wheatgrass juice, it's green and mean to your body's toxins.

Aside from these nutrients, wheatgrass juice can offer you with the following benefits:

1. Chlorophyll: Wheatgrass comes with chlorophyll. In fact, consuming a glass can give you up to 70% of the molecule, which is important in building blood in the body. Chlorophyll is almost similar to hemin molecule, which is the pigment that can combine protein, so that the body forms hemoglobin. Chlorophyll itself is extremely healthy as it offers various benefits for our health including:

  • Chlorophyll provides enzymes as well as super-oxide dismutase, which is a protein that contains copper mainly found in older red blood cells. Together with enzymes, the protein can help slow aging process.
  • Chlorophyll can control development of bad bacteria in the body.
  • This molecule also has antibacterial benefits, which can heal inside and outside the body.
  • Chlorophyll is used in many ointments because it can treat different diseases of the skin, including ivy poisoning, dry eczema, and itching and other problems with the rectum.

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2. Increased Hemoglobin Production: Drinking wheatgrass can help dissolve the scars in your lungs due to breathing harmful gasses. Wheatgrass can minimize the effects of carbon monoxide because it increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

3. High Oxygen Content: Wheatgrass has high oxygen content. This nutrient helps the body tissues and the brain to function properly.

4. Starch for Energy: The starch in wheatgrass can give you energy. The body converts the starch to simple sugars, so that you don’t feel lazy and tired the rest of the day.

5. Good for the Skin: Wheatgrass juice has the ability to cure acne and get rid of scars. Drink this for at least seven months and eat healthy foods. You will eventually see the huge change on your face and skin.ALSO READ:   Those Floaty Things in Your Eye? Here’s the Answer

Other Amazing Benefits

Drinking wheatgrass regularly can also help you achieve the following:

  • Stay free from cancer and inflammation
  • Prevent bacteria and fungi from entering the body
  • Have lower blood sugar level
  • Have stronger immunity
  • Have lower blood pressure
  • Have cleaner body without heavy metals that can affect health
  • Have cleaner lymphatic system

Wheatgrass is probably the healthiest grass around. It has benefits for our health and can provide beautifying effects as well. Drink the juice every day to experience the gains.

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